To Whom It May Concern

It may have already occurred to you that Ikiré Jones is an independent menswear brand that specializes in ready-to-wear sport jackets and accessories.  Nevertheless, I suppose a formal introduction is in order.

My name is Wale Oyejide.  I am a Nigerian-bred American Immigrant.  I am one of Esquire Magazine's "Best Dressed Real Men in America."  Among other unsavory things, I have also been known by many to be an attorney, an Afro-Beat musician, and a connoisseur of fine fabrics.  More than anything, I am, like many of you, a person who wants to make the world a better place with the gifts that he has been given.

Too many of us have pushed the things that make us special into a darkened closet and tossed away the key.  Too many of us have embraced the convenience of mid-tier career complacency.  And all-too many of us have become unable to discern the difference between the lies we've made a habit of telling ourselves and the things that truly bring us happiness.  In my case, a pesky unwillingness to remain adrift in my own life led to the inception of this brand.

There are a few things that I would like for you to appreciate about Ikiré Jones, and several facets of the company that make it remarkable:  
(1) Ikiré Jones jackets are lovingly tailored in Brooklyn, New York City and Philadelphia, PA.  Our garments are not crafted by faceless foreign workers who are forced to accept less in wages than many of us casually discard on coffee every morning.  We are proud to offer high-quality garments that just happen to be homegrown and labored-upon by knowledgeable domestic hands.  All of the jackets are crafted by Samuel Hubler, a young tailor who also helms his own custom-focused menswear line (see: Raval & Knight).
(2) The Ikiré Jones sport jacket boasts full-floating canvas construction.  Thus, no portion of our garments is haphazardly glued together, like some ill-advised present that ultimately disappoints its owner when unwrapped.  Further, the jackets are unstructured, with minimal padding, while maintaining a striking silhouette  This design insures that where other garments may bury and conceal, our jackets mold and accentuate the wearer’s natural form.  
(3) As you have noticed, all of our jackets are lined with wax-printed West African fabrics; a deliberate homage that pays tribute to my heritage (whereas others have merely sought to pillage or pander).

As a brand, it is not our intention to peddle mediocre goods by trussing them up in romantic platitudes and empty promises of a lavish life.  We have no desire to pull our finely-woven wools over the eyes of those looking for a better way to express themselves.  Instead, we aspire to provide clothing that men can truly cherish:  Garments made with integrity, garments borne of history, and garments with a soul.  In essence, while others are content to sell you as many disposable fads as your back and bank accounts can be burdened by, we are here for a higher purpose.

So. I say this to those well-intentioned scoundrels; to those genteel and chivalrous savages; to those who can no longer stomach the meek and mediocre paths laid-out before them:  We know you've been waiting to make something amazing happen...and for your first step forward, we are glad to be at your service.

Conceived in West Africa.  Made in Brooklyn.  Adrift Around the World. This is Ikiré Jones.

Godspeed, My Good Friends.

-Mr. W.O.E.