The Black Danté

[Tokyo, Japan]  There's a certain irony to finding yourself riding in a Kabukichō elevator with someone who's been given orders to drastically shorten your life-span; and discussing the weather while one of you waits to die.  This can be particularly awkward when you've been sleeping together for the past three years (give or take a few evenings on the couch) and share a dog that she never walks.


The Yancey

[Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo] I first fell in love with this fox-toned Shetland wool sport jacket on an ill-advised trip to a hookah bar in one of Kinshasa's more unsavory neighborhoods. Mid-puff, my guide suddenly receded from our table as shadows loomed around us. As it turns out, i had not paid him handsomely enough to risk life and limb.


The Dumilé

[Paris, France] It's not often that one finds himself sharing a ride with a priest, an arms-dealer, and a one-handed sushi chef. I was regaling them with tales of the philandering tailor who had conjured this Shetland wool sport jacket when the IED exploded under us. Mid-air, it occurred to me that I would likely be the least interesting detail of the ensuing obituary.


The Trotter

[Ibadan, Nigeria] I had only been a guest at Alhaji Obaniyi's Old Bodija estate for 3 nights when I found myself forcibly thrown into a 9-foot tall pit and set upon by a pack of rabid hounds. It was just before lunch. I could smell a hint of fried plantains drifting from a faraway kitchen. Not to be outdone; the hounds made it apparent that they could smell my fear.